Welcome to the Greeke HOTEL OBSCURA!

Check in to Dourgouti Island Hotel.

Dourgouti is a rarely visited intercontinental neighborhood next to Athenauem Intercontinental Hotel.

It’s a treasure island of history, city-scape and community in the center of Athens.

Enjoy your stay, stay mobile. Join events in and about its vast and secret public space.

This home is yours. It used to belong to someone else. Who knows whose it will be? You make a life in it for a while as well.

(Old Kappadokian song sung in Dourgouti in the 50′s)

Dourgouti Island Hotel is an ohi pezoume performing arts / UrbanDig Project initiative.  Part of its activities are under Hotel Obscura, an EU Culture project between the company and Mezzanine Spectacle (FR), Triage (AU), Die Fabrikanten (AT).  Dourgouti Island Hotel is a collaboration with the Municipality of Athens, Panteion University, Charokopeion University and around 40 mostly local community and artistic collectives or initiatives.